5 Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Deck

5 Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Deck

Decks are a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family, enjoy nice weather, and drink your coffee or eat your meals when the sun is warm.

But if your deck is aging, it might be time for a remodel. Old wooden decks can develop many problems, from rot to pests, and even composite decks can get moldy and experience color fading. How do you know for sure if it's time to remodel your deck?

Roofers of Minnesota has put together some signs it's time to upgrade your deck so you can keep enjoying warm Minnesota weather.

1. Structural Issues

Decks can experience structural issues over time due to weather, use, and other factors. If your deck is becoming uneven or sagging, it could be a sign of structural damage. Decks can have rotten or decaying wood, which makes the structure less sound. If the wood is soft, splintering, or showing other signs of decay, it might be time to upgrade.

When checking for structural issues, you should also look for loose or missing screws, bolts, or fasteners. Unstable connections can compromise the deck’s integrity.

2. Safety Concerns

If your deck is shifting around when you walk on it, well, it shouldn’t. Wobbly decks or unstable railings can pose safety concerns. Additionally, loose or damaged steps can be dangerous to anyone walking on them, should they break. Another sign your deck is shifting too much is when nails pop out of the wood. These are dangerous to step on but also indicate further issues with your deck.

3. Aesthetic Deterioration

If your deck no longer looks good, then that’s a problem. Decks can become faded, moldy, mildewy, become stained, and might just be outdated. If any of these aesthetic signs cause you to dislike your deck, consider remodeling your deck.

4. Water Damage

We all know it rains in Minnesota, and decks can take the brunt of damage during rainy days. If water pools on your deck or there are large water stains, you might have water-related issues. Pooling water can lead to rot and decay, which then cause structural damage. You should also check for less visible water damage on the underside of your deck.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Sometimes, the building codes in your city can change, which might put your deck out of compliance. Or perhaps your deck was built without proper permits or not built to code. These two issues can alert the city, and they might force you to remove the deck anyway.

Get ahead of the problem by researching what your building codes are for decks, and ensure yours is compliant. If not, you might need a deck remodel.

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