Flooring Makeovers: Exploring Flooring Types & Trends

Flooring Makeovers: Exploring Flooring Types & Trends

The flooring in your home needs to be more than just functional. You want the flooring in the rooms of your house to look great and complement the rest of the home’s interior. Along with the aesthetics of the flooring, you also want the materials to be sound, durable, and long-lasting.

If some or all of the flooring in your house is getting worn down or outdated, you may be ready to make some upgrades.

At Roofers of Minnesota, we provide kitchen, bathroom, and flooring renovations and upgrades. In this guide, we cover some flooring options and trends to consider for your house.

3 Flooring Types to Consider

There are many types of flooring material, and finding the right one depends on many factors. When choosing a flooring material, you want to consider how the room is used. For example, a bathroom floor needs to be water resistant, while a living room floor is an area you might expect more comfort.

Generally, these three flooring types are a great place to start and work well throughout many areas of the home. However, we also offer other flooring materials and can help you find the right choice for your bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation, or basement upgrade.

1. Carpet

Carpets are popular for a reason. It’s much more comfortable and luxurious, and today's carpet types are meant to last for years. If the carpet is in a high-traffic area, it’s best to use a more durable option that hides dirt.

2. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood has many of the advantages of hardwood, but it’s more resistant to water. It’s a good alternative that looks like hardwood and comes in a variety of finishes.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is also quite popular. It’s a good option throughout the home, as it’s more affordable than wood and can handle some moisture.

Flooring Trend Ideas

As you pick flooring material for various rooms in your home, you also want to think about things like color and style. Some popular flooring trends to consider include:

  • Wooden finishes and stains that are lighter and more vibrant. These create a more spacious-looking room.

  • Exciting designs for minimalist decorating. While minimalism isn’t entirely out of style, bold designs are becoming all the rage. Consider something unique like black and white tile for a kitchen.

  • Textural interest through a mix of different materials in your home.

The Right Flooring for Your House

Whether you want to redo the flooring throughout your home or just in one room, Roofers of Minnesota has over 25 years of experience. We supply and install many kinds of flooring, including carpets. Contact our team today at 612-205-4791 to request your estimate.


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