How to Avoid Ice Problems on Your Roof This Winter

How to Avoid Ice Problems on Your Roof This Winter

The holiday season may be joyous, but it’s definitely not mild weather when you live in Minnesota. During the winter, storm damage becomes a real risk, and ice problems are commonplace. But, unfortunately, ice build-up can lead to many issues, such as water leaks, mold, and even the formation of ice dams.

Find out how to prevent ice problems on your roof from the professional roofers at Roofers of Minnesota.

Roofing Damage & Ice

The main issue with ice in the winter is it can lead to ice dams. These form when the temperatures of the roofing system constantly cycle from frozen to thawed to frozen again. This causes water to melt and reform as sheets of ice or large icicles. And, the formation of ice dams can cause significant issues such as broken shingles, water leaks, and much more.

How to Avoid Ice Problems

Because ice issues can damage your roof, they are a potentially expensive problem that’s better to avoid than wait around for. To keep ice dams from forming, follow these tips:

  • Install better insulation: Good insulation keeps attic temperatures stable and keeps the snow on the roof from thawing and freezing constantly.
  • Seal up air leaks: A damaged roof can lead to leaks, which can contribute to ice dams.
  • Ensure a sound roofing ventilation system: A well-installed roof with the proper ventilation will prevent ice dams from forming.

Overall, the easiest and safest way to both prevent and remove ice dams is to contact the roofing contractors at Roofers of Minnesota. We can ensure your roofing system is in good shape for the winter. And, if you already have ice issues, we can remove the ice dam safely without damaging your rooftop.

Keeping Your Roof Free of Ice Damage This Winter

Getting up on an icy and snowy roof in the winter is dangerous if you’re not a professional. If you want to avoid or remove ice problems from your rooftop, it’s safest to contact our team of experts. We offer roof repair, roof maintenance, ice dam removal, and more. Call us at 612-205-4791 to request a free quote!