How to Maximize Storage With Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Maximize Storage With Your Kitchen Remodel

As a homeowner, you may feel like you don’t have enough space for storage, especially in the kitchen. 

You might feel cramped with limited space if you have a smaller kitchen. But there are many ways to maximize your storage in a kitchen. So, if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, it's the perfect time to incorporate more storage. A kitchen remodel is also a great time to modernize your home

At Roofers of Minnesota, your home remodel specialists, we put together a guide on how to maximize your kitchen storage with a remodel! 

1. Consider Open Shelving

One way to boost your kitchen storage is to install open shelving. If you have a blank wall or space you don’t know what to do with, then use open shelving to create a stylish area for cookbooks, pantry items, or dishware. You can also add hooks along the bottom of the shelve for hanging mugs or utensils. 

2. Pullout Storage

Pullout drawers or shelves can help maximize storage in your kitchen. You can pack more pans or other cookware into these handy drawers, which allows you to reach the back easily, unlike traditional cabinets. Bulky items fit well in pullout drawers as well, solving the problem of where to store your favorite pots and pans. 

3. Utilize the Walls

If you want to clear the counter space and still have quick access to your knives, consider using the wall as storage space. You can swap out your bulky knife block for a wall-mounted magnetic strip. This keeps your most-used knives in easy reach. 

4. Spice Storage

Spices can easily become a mess inside a cabinet or pantry. Instead, use a drawer or sliver of cabinet to store your spices so you can easily reach and find what you need. Incorporate a drawer organizer to keep the canisters in an upright position for easy reading. Plus, you can avoid ending up with multiple containers of the same spices now that you can find them. 

5. Peg Boards

If you have tall cabinet doors, you can install a pegboard with adjustable hooks. You can also mount a peg board on the wall if you have the space. You can use these to arrange pans, utensils, or other items by hanging them up, and you can reposition the hooks to accommodate what you need. 

6. Cookware Storage

Pots and pans are the hardest to store, so consider installing a pot rack or a sturdy bar to maximize your kitchen storage. Mount it on the wall next to your prep area or directly above the cooktop so they are in easy reach. 

7. Small Kitchen Island

If you have the space, consider installing a small kitchen island. It adds prep space and storage space, giving you a little more elbow room while cooking and a little more space to hold various kitchen items. You can also put the island on casters that allow you to roll the island out of the way if needed. 

8. Disguise Countertop Appliances

If you have appliances that you use every day and need to access, consider using an appliance garage. It helps stow countertop appliances out of the way. They can be horizontal or vertical, and you can include electrical outlets to make plugging them in much easier. 

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