Remodeling Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Remodeling Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

It can be mental torture to feel cramped into a bathroom space when you’re supposed to feel cozy and relaxed. Among all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is the room that is not just designed to serve your privacy needs but also provides a space where you can feel relieved from stress.

But there is no need to keep feeling confined in your bathroom when you can actually make it appear larger. If your bathroom is smaller than usual and isn’t meeting your need for space as much as you require, there are brilliant bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom look bigger.

Our home remodeling pros at Roofers of Minnesota share some remodeling ideas to make your small bathroom seem bigger!

Add More Natural Light

Smaller bathrooms appear to be dark all the time. Dark rooms appear smaller than usual if not adequately lighted. If the natural light penetrating your bathroom is inadequate, consider creating more space for light to penetrate.

You can do this by adding a larger, translucent, or skylight to bring in more natural light to your bathroom. Once this is done, you’ll notice that the natural light creates an ambiance of space in the bathroom.

Install a Large Mirror

Hanging a big mirror above the sink is a great way to mirror a large portion of your bathroom, creating a wide view of your walls. A larger mirror reflects the lights all over the room, making the whole place look brighter and more spacious.

Use a Smaller Vanity

If your bathroom is small, you may not need an oversized vanity. Instead, consider getting a smaller vanity to create more space instead of a big one. A more petite vanity creates more space, making your bathroom look less stuffy and choking.

Remodel to Combine the Bath + Shower

Having a separate shower cubicle and bath may be ideal if you have a wide bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, having these components separate would take up extra space.

To make the bathroom appear bigger, consider remodeling your bathroom in a way that combines your bath and shower. This method gives you more space and offers you the option of having a bath and a shower in your bathroom.

Maintain the Same Color Palette 

Avoid using different colors to design your bathroom if you really want to make it look big. Different colors divide the available spaces in your bathroom, creating the impression of smaller spaces in your head.

Instead, consider painting the whole bathroom with a bright hue to open up the spaces and make the bathroom appear bigger.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

The transparency of the glass in a frameless shower enclosure can help visually expand the space. It allows the eye to travel uninterrupted through the room, making it feel larger.

Install a Floating Vanity

When choosing a sink or vanity, opt for a floating vanity or wall-mounted vanity. This gives a sense of openness to the room, exposes more of the bathroom floor, and can also make the room look larger.

Utilize a Pocket Door

Having a door turn inward or outward can impact the space you have in your bathroom. Instead, choose a pocket door or a sliding barn door to minimize the amount of space your door takes up in the bathroom.

Incorporate Vertical Stripes

As in fashion, vertical stripes are slimming. Painting or using wallpaper with vertical stripes can make your bathroom feel larger and more open by slimming the walls. It helps create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a taller space.

Recessed Lighting

Similar to the pocket door, using recessed lighting can make a space feel larger. Instead of heavy-looking fixtures hanging from the ceiling or attached to the walls, recessed lights can give the illusion of a larger space by taking up less room.

Hidden or Vertical Storage

If you can hide your storage or use vertical storage options, your bathroom will feel bigger. Wide and tall shelving units can cramp the space, so using a tall, narrow shelf will help save space and make it feel more open. Of, if there’s any way to hide your storage items, that would help, too. 

Considering a Bathroom Remodel in Minnesota?

At Roofers of Minnesota, our team of home remodeling professionals has what it takes to give your bathroom and other areas of your home the design you desire. We’ve been in the game for over 25 years and have a vast portfolio that says much about our expertise.

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