7 Home Exterior Maintenance Tips to Winterize Your Home

7 Home Exterior Maintenance Tips to Winterize Your Home

Winterizing your home is essential to ensure your home survives the harsh weather conditions that come with Minnesota winters.

There are many ways to accomplish this, many of which you can do yourself or with the help of a company like Roofers of Minnesota. Keeping your home in great shape throughout the winter can mitigate many issues that might arise come spring.

Read on to learn the top ways to winterize your home this year.

1. Inspect & Clean Your Gutters

Even though it does not rain much in the winter, your gutters are still important. They help by directing melting snow from your roof away from your home, which can reduce ice dams and roof damage. After fall is the best time to inspect and clean your gutters because they are likely full of dead leaves from surrounding trees.

Remove leaves, debris, and blockages from your gutters and downspouts, and ensure your gutters are in good condition.

2. Inspect & Repair Your Roof

Before the snow hits, ensure your roof can withstand the weight of snow and ice. Check for missing or loose shingles or other signs of roof damage and get those repaired immediately. Ensure the flashing around chimneys and vents is secure.

3. Seal Gaps & Cracks

Check your siding and foundation for gaps and cracks. Weatherstripping and caulking can fill these gaps, preventing water and cold air intrusion. This will also help your home stay warmer because there are fewer places for the interior air to leak out.

4. Trim Trees & Branches

Tree branches that overhang your home can cause damage if they break under the weight of ice and snow. If you can, trim trees and branches so they are further away from your home.

5. Clean & Store Outdoor Furniture

Minnesota winters can get windy, and loose outdoor furniture can become heavy projectiles if the wind blows hard enough. Before the weather gets too bad, clean and store or secure your outdoor furniture so it stays put. Plus, it will keep it nicer for the following spring and summer.

6. Inspect & Clean Siding

Siding is an important part of your home’s defenses, as it helps insulate your home and keep out pests and bugs. Ensure you don’t have any cracks or loose pieces of siding, and check for signs of damaged siding. You should also clean your siding to remove mold, dirt, and mildew. If your siding is beyond repair, consider replacing it.

7. Seal Your Windows

Old windows can be drafty, so sealing your windows with weatherstripping or window film can help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. If you need replacement windows, consider having that completed before the weather gets too frigid.

Call Roofers of Minnesota for Your Home Winterization Needs

Whether you need a roof inspection or repair, windows or gutter repair, Roofers of Minnesota can help. We can also handle your home siding needs.  With over 25 years of experience, Roofers of Minnesota are the experts you need to maintain your home throughout the winter and into spring.

Give us a call today at 612-205-4791, or send us a message on our website to schedule your winter services.


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