7 Things to Know About EPDM Rubber Roofing
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7 Things to Know About EPDM Rubber Roofing

Maybe you've heard of EPDM rubber roofing and how it's an excellent roofing system, especially for commercial buildings. But, you may wonder what makes EPDM such a perfect choice and what sets it apart from other roofing systems.

In this guide, the experts at Roofers of Minnesota go into some of the facts and benefits of EPDM rubber roofing.

What Is EPDM Rubber Roofing & What Are the Benefits?

EPDM rubber roofing is a roofing system made with a single-ply rubber membrane. This rubber material is made to withstand lots of weather situations and storms. It comes in large sheets that are installed by roofing contracts and is used most effectively on low-slope roofs.

Now that you know what rubber roofing is, let's look at some facts about EPDM.

1. It's Used for Flat and Mostly Flat Roofs

One of the reasons EPDM is so popular for commercial buildings is that it's a roofing system meant for mostly flat rooftops. So, it's a popular choice for commercial properties, although some residential buildings also have EPDM roofs.

2. It's Very Long-Lasting

Another reason EPDM is an excellent option for any flat or low slope roof is that it is so durable. It's resistant to fire and designed to protect buildings from hail, snow, rain, and much more. It can last up to 50 years, so you won't need a roof replacement for a while.

3. It's Cost Effective

When picking the right roofing material for your home or business, the cost is always a factor. Luckily, EPDM rubber roofing is also very economical. The material itself is pretty affordable, and it's also a rather easy system to install. Because roofers can set up EPDM roofs quickly, you won't have to pay as much for roofing installation costs.

4. It's Eco-Friendly

EPDM rubber roofing usually comes in black color, but it can also come in white. So, depending on your needs, it's designed to either keep in heat or reflect it. This makes it a good option for the environment and for your utility bills. So, if you're looking for a great energy-efficient option for your home or business, EPDM rubber roofing might be a perfect choice.

5. It’s a Great Option for Business and Homes

EPDM is very popular for commercial rooftops because of its durability and because it’s used for flat rooftops. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, but more homes these days are starting to have them, too.

If you want a more contemporary or modern looking home, a flat rooftop is unique and easy to access and clean. EPDM could work well for a residential home as it has the same benefits for houses as it does for commercial buildings.

6. It’s Lightweight

EPDM roofing is a rather lightweight material, and this has many benefits. Because it’s lighter, the roofing system won’t put as much pressure on the structural elements of the building. This also helps with issues like snow accumulation. As the roofing itself is lighter, some weight build up is less likely to cause collapsing or structural damage.

7. It’s Easy To Install and Repair

Roofing damage can happen, so when you need roof repair service, it’s comforting to know that it’s fairly easy to have your EPDM roof fixed.

The fact that this roofing system is relatively straightforward to install and repair means it’s cheaper overall. The cost of installation and repair are more affordable for EPDM rubber roofs compared to similar options.

Get EPDM Rubber Roofing Installed With Roofers of Minnesota

If you're looking to have a new roof installed, whether for a new building or a roof replacement, reach out to Roofers of Minnesota. We offer EPDM rubber roofing along with many other roofing systems. Find out more about the benefits of EPDM roofing or learn more about our other roofing options. Contact us at 612-205-4791 to request a quote!

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