Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Keeping your roof in the best shape is necessary for every homeowner. However, this starts with your ability to ensure that every roofing issue is repaired before it degenerates.

It’s better to spend money on roof repair services rather than wait till the problem gets out of hand. As such, you need to learn when it’s the right time to call for a roof repair service and the best time to go for an outright replacement.

With the information you’ll gain in this post, you will be able to differentiate the roof damages that need immediate repair and those that require roof replacement.

6 Signs Your Roof Needs a Repair

Some degrees of roof damage need professional roof repair services to return your roof to optimal performance. Check them out below to know when exactly to call an expert.

1. Natural Damage

Some natural damages, such as big storms and dents from an overhanging tree, are usually repairable. This is especially so if your roof has not neared its lifespan.

So, whenever you feel that a minor natural mishap affected your roof, call on your roofing contractor to take a look for possible repairs.

2. Hail Damage

Hail may not always be a big deal, but sizable hail can damage cars and even rooftops. When a big hail storm arises, it can cause dents, crack shingles, and more. Usually, these concerns are minor, and an experienced roofing contractor can fix the problem in no time.

3. Wind Damage

Wind damage is another kind of storm destruction that often calls for roofing repairs. High winds may tear off shingles and tiles. A wind storm can also cause debris, like branches, to fall onto the roof.

In rare cases, a big enough wind problem can cause major roofing issues. However, usually, wind damage is repairable and doesn't warrant a replacement.

4. Leaks

If you experience roof leaks in your home, inspect this to determine the severity of the leak. If it’s minor, your roof repair expert will proffer some roof repair solutions.

So, in this situation, your roof does not always need a roof replacement.

5. Installation Problems

Sometimes, your roofing system begins to show defects due to poor installation from your roof installation contractor. For example, it could be that your roofer did not properly fasten your flashing, attic or shingles during installation.

Luckily, an experienced roof installation pro can fix the mistakes.

6. Improper Ventilation

If your energy bills suddenly go up or you start noticing a ventilation issue in your home, this problem could be from your attic. All you may need to do is invite a home restoration expert to check your venting needs and have them fixed.

5 Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

The above roof problems are common situations where a fix can solve your roof conditions. But once it goes beyond that, you may be in for a roof replacement. While a roofing replacement is more expensive, it’s necessary if the roof poses health and safety risks.

See below some roof conditions that often require roof replacement.

1. Age

No matter the type of shingle on your roof, it will definitely get old one day. If your asphalt shingles have served you for over 20 years, you should start warming up for a total roof replacement. Otherwise, you may be stuck with constant repairs.

Even long-lasting roofing systems don’t last forever. Most rooftops last between 20-50 years. If your roof is older, be sure you’re requesting frequent roofing inspections to make sure it’s in good condition.

2. Sagging

If your roof structure begins to sag, it could be that the roof deck has grown weak. This structural condition is best fixed by replacing the decking boards and the roof.

A sagging roof is an emergency situation. If you notice sagging issues, contact a roofing professional immediately.

3. Missing Shingles

When you notice a lot of missing shingles on your roof, it could be time to replace them before it degenerates into other roofing issues. While a couple of missing shingles or tiles may not be a major problem, multiple missing elements isn’t a good sign.

4. Extensive Storm Damage

While earlier in this article we covered some types of storm damage that require repairs, you may also need a new roof after major storm destruction. This all depends on the severity of the storm and how it impacts your roof.

The only way to know for sure whether you need storm damage repairs or a roof reclamation is to consult a roofing professional for an inspection.

5. Mold

Mold is another major concern that often means you need to replace your roof. While some water damage may be easy to repair, an extensive mold problem often means tearing out all the roofing elements.

The Benefits of Contacting Roofing Professionals

After any storm or when you suspect a problem with your roof, a roofing contractor can assess the damage and provide peace of mind. It’s better to act quickly to repair roofing problems as opposed to waiting until they warrant a replacement.

Taking the path of roof repair as soon as you discover a defect in your roof system has many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Roof repairs make it possible for you to maintain your roof until it reaches its life span.

  • You can easily arrange for roof repairs on short notice

  • Roof repairs save you more money if done correctly and by a professional.

  • Roof repairs keep you safer, as issues like mold and sagging pose safety risks.

Need a Roof Repair in Minnesota?

If you’re still confused about whether a roof repair or replacement would serve your needs, we are here to advise you better. At Roofers of Minnesota, we have what it takes to provide you with excellent commercial and residential roofing service.

Our work and years of experience place us leagues above other roofing companies in Minnesota. You can quickly get a free quote from us online or call 612-205-4791 to learn more!


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