How Do You Decide Between Siding Repair or Replacement?

How Do You Decide Between Siding Repair or Replacement?

Siding is critical in keeping your home or commercial building safe and secure from water, wind, and other natural elements. So when something goes wrong, you want to make sure it’s taken care of by a professional siding contractor right away.

The question remains: Do you need a siding replacement, or will a siding repair do the job for now?

Follow along as the siding experts at Roofers of Minnesota explain how to distinguish between siding repair versus siding replacement!

Signs You Need Siding Repair

To get things straight, let’s quickly look at some common signs that indicate you need a siding repair.

Siding repair is the first option for most homeowners and businesses because it will almost always be less expensive than siding replacement. However, it’s not always the best way to go. If you’re going to have to make siding repairs again and again, it’s actually not the cheapest option.

When you see the following, we usually recommend siding repair services. But if these issues are extensive, we’ll let you know.

Chips and Cracks

Small cracks and chips in the material, especially if they only affect a small area or a single panel, are usually simple to fix.

For more extensive cracking, it may be necessary to replace a single siding panel – or a few of them.

Mold (Mild)

One thing about mold is that it can be mild and still cause havoc to your siding. If you witness mold forming, taking care of it immediately could hamper its growth and minimize the damage it could cause to your home.

Beyond that, you need to find out why mold is growing on your siding because the source could be causing problems in other areas of your house. So, if your siding develops any trace of mold, it’s a sign you should schedule a repair stat!

Small Dents

Dents on your siding indicate that you need a siding repair service. Dents could come like minor cracks and are often repairable if you work with a good siding contractor.

Loose Panels

Many things could result in having a loose siding panel, from lackluster installation to heavy wind. If you experience a loose panel on your siding, it can usually be fixed by a siding repair expert.

Localized Issues

If you have several problems in one area of your siding, then you can opt for repairs. However, depending on the severity of the issues, you might have a more substantial problem at hand, requiring a full-on replacement. Always be sure to get a second opinion from a reputable siding contractor in your area. 

Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep your siding great is to perform regular maintenance. This and prompt repairs can help mitigate some of the issues we’ve discussed. Regular maintenance can also help prevent extensive and costly repairs.

Signs You Need Siding Replacement

When is it right for you to do a siding replacement? Here are a few cases of when siding repair is not cost-effective and may only result in a short-term solution to a long-term problem:


Signs of rot on your siding could mean that your siding is beginning to get old and break down from prolonged damage. Regardless of how minimal the rot in your siding is, it’s best you replace it as soon as possible to avoid major home damage.

Excessive Maintenance

Do you find yourself repainting, cleaning, and fixing your siding every year? Then it’s time to get a siding professional to replace your siding to avoid wasting more money, time, and energy on maintenance.


Your siding may fade due to too much exposure to sunlight. If this fading becomes so noticeable, there might be little or nothing to do to restore it to normal radiance. Your best option here is a siding replacement.


Every type of siding has an expected lifespan. You’ll know when the visual appeal is gone, and your siding can no longer help protect your home. If your siding is in this state, a siding replacement can provide a significant return on your investment.

Bubbling or Warping

If your siding is bubbling, warping, or showing other signs of distortion, your siding might need replacement due to an underlying issue.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

Did you know your siding helps your home’s energy efficiency? If you still receive high utility bills after upgrading your home to energy-efficient appliances and ensuring your insulation is newer, you can replace your siding to improve energy efficiency.

Structural Damage

If the structure under the siding is damaged, you will need a siding replacement after you address the structural issues.

Prepare for Resale

If you are planning to sell your home, replacing the siding can give you a boost in curb appeal and increase the value of the property. The average ROI of new vinyl siding is about 67%.

Trust the Siding Experts at Roofers of Minnesota

Does your home siding need a repair or replacement? Whichever suits your situation, we have a team of siding experts who will ensure your siding is restored to perfection. We bring you superior and comprehensive interior and exterior home solutions with the latest products at Roofers of Minnesota.

We’ve been proudly serving Minnesota home and business property owners for over 25 years and are ready to take your call! Reach out to us at 612-205-4791 or get in touch via our online contact form.


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