The Ins & Outs of Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Your Home

The Ins & Outs of Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Are you tired of spending more and more money on your energy bills each month? The cost of things like gas and electricity has gone up significantly for many people, so it’s no surprise many home and business owners are looking to offset those costs.

Having a more energy-efficient home can save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars each year, and these savings compound even more over time. Plus, a more energy-efficient house is good for the environment, so it’s a way to save money and live more sustainably.

If you’re looking to maximize the energy efficiency in your home, here are the components to upgrade, inspect, or replace from the home exterior experts at Roofers of Minnesota.

Upgrade Insulation

If you have an older home or a home that was made with cheaper insulation, your house will be less energy efficient. Your home’s insulation plays a major role in temperature regulation. You want high-quality insulation that doesn’t let too much air in or out.

When upgrading insulation, you want a product with a higher R-value. So, if you have issues with keeping your home insulated, our team can replace the insulation. Fiberglass is a good option, but we can work with you to determine the best kind of insulation for your house.

Replace Windows

Older or poorly installed windows can also let outside air inside and inside air outside. You want windows that are sealed properly and don’t let indrafts.

The type of window you have is also crucial. Some windows are specially made for energy efficiency and can do things like reflect sunlight.

So, if your windows aren’t doing their job right, consider window replacement services.

Replace or Repair Doors

Along with your windows, the doors around your home can also constitute draftiness and poor energy efficiency, especially if they are old or poorly installed. Sometimes, you can fix this problem through better door sweeps and weather stripping. However, it’s sometimes best to replace a door altogether.

Check Attic Ventilation

Did you know that attic ventilation plays a major role in the temperature regulation of your home? This is because of how attic ventilation impacts your roofing system. With a poorly ventilated attic, the air under your roof will get too hot.

In harsh Minnesota winters, poor attic ventilation can cause a melt-and-thaw cycle that leads to damage and ice dams. Poor attic ventilation also makes it harder to keep your home temps steady.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Having issues regulating the temperature of your house? Dealing with higher utility bills? With the help of Roofers of Minnesota, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money in the process.

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