Why EPDM Roofing Is the Most Popular Material for Commercial Roofs

Why EPDM Roofing Is the Most Popular Material for Commercial Roofs

Durable, reliable roofing material is essential for all buildings, especially for commercial properties. Selecting suitable roofing material for your commercial building is key because you need the rooftop to look good and function well for many years.

Because of the unique needs of commercial roofs, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) has become the most popular option.

In this guide, the roofing contractors at Roofers of Minnesota go over why EPDM roofing is such a good choice and why it's so popular.

What Is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM roofing might sound mysterious. While the acronym might not explain much, and the full name might be even more confusing, EPDM roofing is basically just a synthetic rubber roofing system. It uses a single-ply membrane system that is excellent for commercial and other flat rooftops.

This synthetic roofing product is made up of four different layers that create long-lasting, durable roofing material. Here are the four layers and what they do:

  1. Elastomeric base layer: The base layer acts as the support.

  2. Fire-resistant layer: This middle layer protects the roof and building from fire damage.

  3. Polyester fiber reinforced layer: The next layer is reinforced to provide extra strength to the roofing system.

  4. White EPDM top layer: This optional top layer makes the roof more environmentally friendly in warm climates. Without this layer, EPDM roofing systems are black.

Impressive Benefits of EPDM Roofing

There are three main reasons why EPDM is so widespread for commercial roofs in Minnesota: they’re long-lasting, affordable, and easy to install.

Let's dive deeper into each of these benefits and why they make EPDM roofing so popular.


EPDM is a type of engineered rubber made to last. Most EPDM roofs have a warranty of up to 30 years, but with correct installation and good conditions, these roofs can last up to 50 years.

When installing a roofing system for your commercial building you want to know it will last well for many decades. With EPDM roofing, you’ll have a secure roof for dozens of years, which means you won’t have to pay for a roof replacement for quite a while.

Fire & Weather Resistant 

Along with the long lifespan, EPDM roofs are also durable, as they are made to withstand hail and have fire resistance. These two qualifications are essential for a commercial building to meet safety requirements and avoid costly repairs.

As mentioned above, the second layer of the EPDM material is created specifically to resist fires, making EPDM one of the best materials for fire protection.

This system is also hail-resistant, so it is less likely to receive storm damage.


When it comes to commercial buildings, most owners and investors want to keep costs down while not sacrificing quality. EPDM is a good option for this reason.

The prices are usually lower than other similar materials like TPO, but the roof will still last for decades. It's no wonder so many people choose EPDM because of this.

It’s hard to beat a roofing system that’s both well-provided and extremely durable.

Easy to Install

Part of why EPDM roofs are so affordable is that they are fast to install. Roofing contractors don't need to use as many workers or kinds of equipment to set up this flat rubber roofing material. Unlike some commercial roofing systems, EPDM doesn’t require as many steps or as specialized training, so it’s easier for the contractors to put in.

It's often possible to have the roof finished in around a week. So, your commercial building will stay on schedule and be ready as quickly as possible.

Energy Efficient Options

Because EPDM can have a white or black top layer, it can be energy efficient for various climates. For cooler climates like Minnesota, the darker rooftop can keep buildings warmer in the colder weather.

However, for places with warmer climates, a white finish can help reflect the sun’s heat. These two options make EPDM roofing a versatile option that’s great for energy efficiency.

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